Our services

  • Outsourcing audit and expertise
    With a personalized audit, we identify sources of untapped margin.

    Our mission: to select suppliers and to save you money while maintaining the quality and continuity of the procurement process.
  • Product launches to international
    Initiate a distribution network abroad to increase your sales volume.

    Our mission: to identify suitable networks, begin negotiations, implement agreements and monitoring.
  • Sourcing products
    Search in France or abroad the supplier able to produce or provide a service according to the characteristics of your own specifications.
    Our mission: to select suppliers, help you choose the partners, establish relationships (commercial, legal and logistics) and monitoring.
  • Starting a project abroad
    Start an industrial, commercial or real estate project in another country.

    Our mission: to develop a business plan based on market research and profitability accompany you seeking funding up to the effective launch of your business.
  • Market intelligence and analysis 

    Introduce new products to enrich your catalog.

    Our mission: to help you stand out from the competition.